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Selection & Recruitment Of Seafarers 

Our objective is to provide our Principals with the best quality of Indonesian seafarers matching the vessel type and trade.  To achieve this objective we have established stringent vetting & selection systems, which, while appearing to be somewhat protracted, do provide a thorough evaluation of job applicants’ professional skills & knowledge.  This, coupled with other processes such as a formal employment reference verification system, provides the appropriate criteria from which assessment can be made on the practicality of recruitment.

The selection process for Seagoing Staff is established by an elaborate flow chart & checklist as supported by the Company Quality & Procedure Manual and is available for Principals’ perusal. The flowchart & Checklist ensures process control and verification of the selection and recruitment system.

Selection testing commences through the use of the computer-based evaluation system, online Crew Evaluation System (CES 6.0) Maritime English Test (MET) Ability Profiling Program (APRO), and Personality testing (Facet5). This evaluation system is recognized and well-known in the maritime industry. The system provides the company detailed selection criteria specific to different ranks, levels, departments, and vessel types. This online testing system randomly selects from a database of over 8000 multiple-choice questions specific to the functional areas of STCW which are displayed as diagrams or selection choices on the screen. This evaluation takes around 1.5 hours and produces an evaluation report and sundry summary reports ideally suited & used for further analysis.  
Career Development Chart
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Competent people make the difference

Working in the maritime sector is becoming increasingly complex. For many shipping companies, career development has become an essential part of their operation. This means that you have to record that the seafarer is adequately trained, be able to verify competency before promotion and provide a clearly defined and easy-to-follow career path.


Crew Evaluation System (CES)

Designed to evaluate seafarers’ background knowledge, CES is an online assessment tool used to identify training needs specific to knowledge areas defined in STCW.

The test function offers predefined test types with advanced randomization of questions to avoid users memorizing specific tests. The following tests are available:

STCW test, predefined

Detailed test, predefined

Maritime English, Reading and Listening test

Ability Profiling (APRO)

The Ability Profiling software aims to support the recruitment- and promotion-process by measuring different candidates of abilities. It will assist you in revealing the candidate’s strong and less strong potentials.

Facet 5 - Personality testing

ACM is now ready to introduce Facet 5 as a tool for the recruitment process.

Facet 5 measures 5 factors which are described as “the big five” – Will, Energy, Affection, Control and Emotionality. ACM can make an ideal profile for all your positions that you then can compare your candidates with.