Laskaridis visit PT. AWEIDHIA premises

Laskaridis Shipping Co Ltd, a renowned dry bulk operator, recently paid a visit to the premises of PT Awidhia in Indonesia. The visit was led by Captain Sergey Matus, the crewing director of Laskaridis Shipping, who expressed great enthusiasm during the visit.

The primary topic of discussion during the visit revolved around briefing the crew with the Laskaridis Safety Management System (SMS) and International Safety Management (ISM) before they joined the vessels. This initiative aims to enhance the Indonesian crew pool by developing their training and increasing their skills.

One of the key objectives of this program is to provide more opportunities for young Indonesian junior officers and cadets. Laskaridis Shipping is committed to nurturing and supporting the growth of these aspiring seafarers by offering them a comprehensive cadet program.

By implementing this training and development program, Laskaridis Shipping aims to not only strengthen the skills and knowledge of the Indonesian crew but also contribute to the growth and advancement of the maritime industry in Indonesia.

The visit to PT Awidhia premises marks an essential step in Laskaridis Shipping’s commitment to fostering a solid and capable Indonesian crew pool. With their expertise and dedication, Laskaridis Shipping continues to solidify its world-leading dry bulk operator position.