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Laskaridis Shipping Co Ltd, a renowned dry bulk operator, recently paid a visit to the premises of PT Awidhia in Indonesia. The visit was led by Captain Sergey Matus, the crewing director of Laskaridis Shipping, who expressed great enthusiasm during the visit.

The primary topic of discussion during the visit revolved around briefing the crew with the Laskaridis Safety Management System (SMS) and International Safety Management (ISM) before they joined the vessels. This initiative aims to enhance the Indonesian crew pool by developing their training and increasing their skills.

One of the key objectives of this program is to provide more opportunities for young Indonesian junior officers and cadets. Laskaridis Shipping is committed to nurturing and supporting the growth of these aspiring seafarers by offering them a comprehensive cadet program.

By implementing this training and development program, Laskaridis Shipping aims to not only strengthen the skills and knowledge of the Indonesian crew but also contribute to the growth and advancement of the maritime industry in Indonesia.

The visit to PT Awidhia premises marks an essential step in Laskaridis Shipping’s commitment to fostering a solid and capable Indonesian crew pool. With their expertise and dedication, Laskaridis Shipping continues to solidify its world-leading dry bulk operator position.

COO PT AWEIDHIA Crew management’s Mr. Raihansya Trisal Attends a Prestigious Shipping Community Event in Plymouth

PT AWEIDHIA Crew Management, Indonesia’s leading provider of crewing solutions in the maritime industry, is pleased to announce that their esteemed Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Raihansya Trisal recently attended a prominent shipping community event held in Plymouth.

The event, which took place on January 18th, 2024, brought together key stakeholders, industry experts, and professionals from the shipping and maritime sectors. It served as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussing the latest trends and challenges in the industry.

Mr. Raihansya Trisal’s presence at the event highlighted PT AWEIDHIA Crew management’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the maritime industry. As the COO of the Company,   Mr. Trisal plays a pivotal role in shaping the Company’s strategic direction and ensuring the delivery of exceptional crewing services to their clients.

During the event, Mr. Trisal actively engaged in discussions on various topics, including crew management, training and development, and the impact of emerging technologies on the shipping industry. His participation showcased his expertise and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the industry, as well as his dedication to finding innovative solutions.

“We are proud to have Mr. Raihansya Trisal represent PT AWEIDHIA Crew management at this prestigious shipping community event,” said Mr. Tahir, CEO of PT AWEIDHIA Crew management.   “His presence demonstrates our commitment to staying connected with industry leaders, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the advancement of the maritime sector.”

PT AWEIDHIA Crew management has been a trusted partner for shipowners and operators, providing skilled and qualified seafarers for various types of vessels. With a strong focus on crew welfare, training, and compliance, the agency has built a reputation for delivering reliable crewing solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

As PT AWEIDHIA Crew management continues to expand its operations and strengthen its position in the industry, Mr. Raihansya Trisal’s attendance at the Plymouth shipping community event further solidifies the Company’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.



PT Aweidhia Jakarta was recently honoured by a visit from Mr Armin Zilkse, the Head of Crewing Support & Recruitment for Oldendorff Carriers GmBH. Oldendorff is the Principal Client for PT Aweidhia.


The visit gave opportunity to introduce Mr Armin to our illustrative & reputed Maritime Academy for Cadet Training and Higher Maritime Education, namely Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran (STIP) at Marunda.


Mr Armin was given the usual ceremonial and courteous welcome so becoming of STIP toward clients of repute which makes it so important for presenting the face of Indonesian Shipping and Maritime Manpower to foreign clients who need to get a first-hand sampling and tour of the worth of our Maritime Training prowess.


We thank Capt. Marihot & his team at STIP for all their extended hospitality, their time and their noteworthy dedication for making the visit worthwhile.


After the initial welcome & detailed presentation – by Capt Marihot and executives of STIP by AV and dialogue – we were shown around all the faculties, including most of the key training functionalities and core centres of learning, simulators, practical training tools, laboratories, all the while displaying the skills and dedication of the training cadre.


The capabilities, personal skills and confidence displayed by a sampling of graduates that accompanied us for the tour was also very inspiring.


Coupled with the faculties, facilities, avenues of learning, the size and sophistication of the campus, the discipline and the volume of cadets this Academy successfully puts out into the industry annually – approx. 400 a year – has surely provided an overwhelming confidence with our Visitor and we are confident he will convey this feeling to his peers and seniors to inspire and foster the growth and spread of Indonesian Seafarers within Oldendorff.


PT AWEIDHIA itself is an exclusive recruitment house in Indonesia for Oldendorff Carriers since over 14 years and remains committed to provide the best quality and motivated seafarers that Indonesia can provide; we also remain dedicated to support the Indonesian maritime cadets program and to continuously convince our Principals to invest their manpower resources for the future in Indonesia.



PT AWEIDHIA successfully conducted their 2nd inhouse Scrubber & Ballast Water Treatment Training seminar at the Grand Mercure Kemoyaran, Jakarta 22nd to 24th Sept’19.

Sponsored by our Principals Messrs Oldendorff Carriers GmBH, this 2-day intensive training seminar covering the 2 critical and relatively new and uncharted maritime issues of Ballast Water Management and Scrubber Operation, was indeed a success. 

With Special Trainers directly from the system manufacturers, Senior Marine Officers & Engineers from Ukraine, Croatia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Vietnam & Indonesians were lodged at the Grand Mercure in Kemayoran to participate in the training and team-building.

Aweidhia is proud to say this was the second such seminar held in 2019 for these subjects for which they were entrusted and both seminars were brought to a successful achievement.

Aweidhia appreciates the trust placed in us by our Principals Oldendorff Carriers for these events and we look forward to even more challenges.