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Our objective is to provide our Principals with the best quality of seafarers available in Indonesia, and to achieve this objective we have established a selection system, which, while appearing to be somewhat protracted, does provide a thorough evaluation of the technical knowledge of job applicants, which, linked in with a formal employments reference verification system, provides the appropriate criteria from which assessment can be made of the practically of recruitment. the selection process is shown on the following page in flow chart format, however is supported by the Company Procedures Manual on Seagoing Staff, and is available for Principals Perusal.Check list are used to ensure process control and verification on the selection and recruitment system.Selection testing commences through use the computer based evaluation system, CES 4.1. which was developed by Norcontrol.
The system provides for the company to select specific criteria relating to rank and vessel type, from which the computer randomly selects approximately 5,000 multiple choices questions, which are supported by a diagram or display on the screen. The evaluation of each applicants takes between one and two hours, and at the conclusions an evaluation report is produced, which categorizes the results of specific aspects relating to each position. The minumum criteria for selection will be test score of 50% in the technical subject, The preferred criteria will be test score of 60% or more and for Marlins Test, it is conducted upon principal request. A print out of questions which were incorrectly answered is also available.
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